Blue Prints is a Praqma wiki
The conceptual idea behind the wiki is, that we present all the good ideas and requests we get from various sources and turn them into concrete design stories in the format of Blue Prints and hereby make them available for sponsors and students who are encouraged to engage and contribute to the implementations - either with dough or labour.

Each Blue Print describes:
  • A short user scenario
  • A design proposal
  • A rough estimate of how much development time is needed to release
  • The status of the Blue Print (up for grabs, in progress, finished, dead in the water, ...)
  • If the Blue Print is in progress there will also be a short worklog or progress status attached.
All implementations of our Blue Prints will be Open Source.


If you are a group of students, who would like to implement one of our Blue Prints. Praqma offers to help setup - or even host - the infra structure required to enable the development, and as minimum, we offer to fill out the role as product owner and guarantee that the development is continuously contributing to the end goal - a working solution to the problem at hand. We might also be interested in hosting your entire group here at Praqma Plex, with desks, lunch and professional supervision and mentoring for a certain amount of time.

If you are a sponsor and you want to contribute to implement one of our Blue Prints, then we will offer to deliver it to you, utilizing our own resources - quite often at a fixed price. We have developed Open Source solutions to problems together with as prominent sponsors as Grundfos, Novo Nordisk, Sony Ericsson, Nordea, ATP, Yxlon, Pelagicore, Programming Research - that is the league you'll be joining.

But either way, if you are a group of students or a sponsor; If you have any ideas you'd like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We'll present your idea here as a Blue Print and put it up for grabs.

Start by giving us a call (Lars Kruse +45 20 87 25 30) or a mail.