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Bike Shop Point Of Sale

A bicycle shop is no ordinary shop - and so far, there exist no Point of Sales system that is geared specifically to honor the demands from this kind of trade. We want to create a solution that would become the first and natural choice of all bicycle shops - build from Open Source Components and made available as a cloud hosted on-demand solution.

User Scenario

A Bicycle shop has approached us, because they need a Point Of Sale system. Your task would start off with interviewing the staff at the bicycle shop and capture the requirements for a bicycle shop oriented implementation of a POS system. You must be able to interpret the requirements in a way that will make an implementation both generic enough to serve as a potential system for all bicycle shops (business potential) and still be specific enough to serve this particular shops particular needs.

Some of the things that make bicycle shops different from other detail shops - and why they need a customized POS system are: 
  • A lot of the goods they sell are immaterial services (repairs, bike rental, service agreements, workshop training classes, events)
  • They often sell both new and used stuff
  • They often sell stuff in commission by others
  • There is a rather large element of logistics in handling the bikes, both in stock, but especially for repair: A bike is delivered by customer for repair and and put into storage, later the bike is picked from storage and repaired - and then put back to storage, When customer collects bike it's once again picked from storage.
The bikeshop that has contacted us with this need has had a demonstration of the existing POS systems that are offered by professionals to support their business, but none of them supports the features that really makes a bicycle shop different from plain vanilla detail shops.

Design Proposal

There are several Open Source POS systems available and also ERP systems with POS modules or capabilities, but to our knowledge, there aren't any one out there that supports these features and therefore you need to find one (Open Source) that has the right basic features and is extendible by some plugin technology. 

After the technology research, you must make a basic roll-out of the system to the bicycle shop (we can help with that) and you must implement a first feature set, that proves that you are capable of adding new features and committing them to the appropriate Open Source community.

Point of Sale systems need tons of integrations, to economics systems, stock management, online ordering protocols to stockists (potential fiancial sponsors). 

Business Potential

This task has a real business potential, since the product that is required is relatively complex, there is a demand, and it doesn't exist  already.

Typically bicycle shops buy their access to POS systems through monthly subscriptions which can range from DKK 5.000 to 20.000 per month (!) Therefore this task has the potential of being slit up in parts that deals with the computer scientific challenges on one side and the product and business development aspects on the other.

As a business potential we could see, that creating this products, and serving it from a cloud, offering bicycle shops on-demand-access to the system, paid as a monthly subscription would have the potential to become a popular product.


The challenges is this assignment has many aspects and it could range from a pilot or prove-of-concept that could span 200-300 hrs to a full business matured implementation, that would require several thousands of hrs.


This assignment is not startet - it's up for grabs.


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